Who is The Curated Parcel?

Posted on June 01 2019

The art of gift giving can be a hard one. There are so many different gift options out there and sometimes you just do not know what to buy for someone.

The Curated Parcel has been created to take the stress of gift giving off you. It is a way to give a thoughtful and lovely gift to your special person, tailored to their interested. We take the time to find and create a gift that is as unique as the person you are giving it to.

After having children I realised how time poor that I am. There is so much going on all the time. Birthdays and special events would creep up on me and I wouldn’t be prepared. There would be the last minute duck to the shops to try and find a present that suited the person that it was for and showed them how much I cared. With how busy I was, I started looking online. I wanted to find a way to let someone else do the hard work for me. A curated gift, chosen specifically for them. I found a few different sites, however I wanted to take things one step further. I wanted a gift that was going to keep giving. A gift that would arrive on their door stop on a reoccurring basis and remind them how much they meant to me.

I couldn’t find a service like this and I searched the internet for many hours!

The Curated Parcel was then created. I decided that I wanted people to have the option to not only create a curated gift for their loved ones but to also have it set on a subscription so that they would continue to receive the gift. I love gift giving and take pride in the gifts that I choose for those around me. I wanted to be able to put this love of gift giving to good use and help those who may not feel the same excitement and thrill as I do when it comes to buying a gift. I know, you are probably wondering how and why I like the buying of gifts!

We take the pressure off you. We create curated gift boxes and gifts that are suited to all ages and events. Whether you are looking for a one off gift for a birthday or a subscription gift box for a new mother – we have you covered.

We take the time to put together the perfect gift for your loved ones. A gift that show how much they mean to you, a gift that shows the love you have for them and how important they are too you.

The Curated Parcel aims to use as many locally sourced and Australian made products as possible in their gifts and gift boxes. We want to support the small businesses and those who are trying to build their own businesses, all whilst creating a professional, prideful gift.

We are dedicated to providing not only an exceptional gift but also an exceptional service to you as the purchaser. We aim to make you feel comfortable and happy with your decisions around your gift and give you the option to pick and choose the gifts. We want you to be impressed with your purchase and be able to happily say where you got it from.

We are here to help you and take the pressure off. If you are still wondering how it all works, feel free to pop us an email and we will happily explain it all to you. We are excited to be able to share this exciting new business with you and hope that we can take that gift giving stress away from you.