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Magnetic Puzzle-All About Animals

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An encyclopedic puzzle, designed for children to learn about the Animal Kingdom. The days of spending countless hours in front of the TV (or on the iPad) are over! Your children will happily swap out screen time for their very own Animals Encyclopedia Magnetic Puzzle set!

Part-to-Whole Magnetic Puzzle

Helps children to comprehensively understand Animal biology, from individual body parts to a complete structure.

Encyclopedia Flashcards

Discover exciting facts about the animal kingdom, including animal names, outlines, classifications, feeding habits, body parts, features, and functions.

Magnetic Classification Flashcards

For easy animal classification, each Flashcard includes a name and icon. The colour of each of each Flashcard corresponds with its matching Encyclopedia Flashcard.

Feeding Habits

To understand animal feeding habits, each Magnetic Classification Flashcard includes a name and icon.

Animal Legs

To learn about animal biology, each Magnetic Classification Flashcard includes the number of legs of different animals. Let's count them!

Magnetic Board

There are 6 habitats depicted on the back of the slant board.


  • Brand: mierEdu
  • Package: Size: 31.2 cm * 24.2 cm * 5.2 cm
  • Includes: 104 x Magnets | 1 Magnetic Play Box | 20 Animals Encyclopaedia Cards | 1 Parent Guide
  • Age: 4+

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