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The Original Revolving Bookcase

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Revolving Bookcase

Activity Table & Chair Set

Solid Wooden Trolley

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

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In this humorous yet touching story of friendship, Bear finds that his house has been destroyed in a storm, so he moves in with his friend Hare-but can the two learn to live together, even though they're very different, and still be best friends?

Bear moves into the Wild Old Woods and make a home for himself, but he's lonely. So he goes out in search of a friend. He meets Hare, who is very different from Bear: Hare is older and doesn't keep his house clean, while Bear is young and is very neat. But the two become best friends. They explore the woods, have picnics, and tell stories by the fire. One day, Bear finds that his house has been destroyed in a storm, so he moves in with Hare-which proves to be a challenge to their friendship because they're so different. Can they learn to live together and still be best friends?

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