Montessori Egg, Ball and Cup Set



This gorgeous Montessori Egg, Ball and Cup Set is so much fun for babies and small children . 

As simple as it is, the egg cup is physically fascinating to babies. At that age, infants are fascinated by putting objects in and out of other objects and starting to observe how things fit or stack together. The Egg Cup is such a simple tool for curbing their curiosity, practicing a whole-hand grip and refining essential motor skills.

The wooden Egg Cup will motivate your baby to use both hands at the same time—a skill that’s important for actions like getting dressed, writing or riding a bicycle. An intense practice using both hands at once is necessary for improving the speed of communication between the two hemispheres of the growing brain. 

This can be used for sensory play and for practicing fine motor skills by having the child practice placing the ball into the bowl.