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My Hollow Home

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This is a story on the Ecology of the Eucalyptus Tree.  It shares its life as just one tree on this land and how important it is and how all things are related and work together to support life for the ecosystem, sustainability, forests, plants and animals and other organisms in the soil.

This book has been created to help educate tomorrows decision makers to help our plants to support life and to teach you to leave a bit for the bush.

Written by Leanne Murner and Illustrated by Kat Fox. 


You will never look at a Eucalyptus tree the same way again after reading “My Hollow Home”!! This story delves deep into the many creatures that inhabit and rely on the ecosystem of this one tree, and the story is beautifully told from the tree’s perspective! It made me want to curl up into my own hollow home while reading and take in all of its beauty. My Hollow Home is the perfect guide for our green generation children on the importance of preserving our environment and wildlife and offers some amazing scenery through the illustrations of all of the trees creepy, crawly & feathery friends!
Gabrielle Seto

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