Ocamora Forest Set of 5



A beautiful set of wooden trees to add to small world play.

Set consisting of 5 beech wood trees. Available in 2 options:

- The cold colors give a feeling of tranquility and recollection. Blue coniferous forests, purple skies at dawn, winter.

- The warm colors give a sensation of heat, the fields sprout in spring and shine in summer. In autumn they yellow until you drop their leaves. Some species acquire an intense red.

They measure between 7 and 14 cm tall.

Ocamora toys have no instructions, they are designed to let the imagination run wild. They allow the smaller, not so small, to explore, play and learn, in a natural way. To discover the touch or the smell of the wood, the sensations that contribute the natural elements, should be an option within reach of all boys and girls.

Each piece is cut, sanded and treated with much affection and enthusiasm, in a cottage on the outskirts of Cordoba (Andalusia), in a workshop surrounded by nature, orchards, bird song and children's laughter. -

Note: Listing is for the set of 5 trees only.