Small Rainbow Gems



The Rainbow Gems come in a set of 12 beautiful colours and are perfect for inspiring children’s open ended creative play, great for building fine motor skills and using children’s imagination.

Stacking and balancing these gems is fun and relaxing while also building creative problem solving skills. Each stone is handmade, cut with multiple sides and edges making it more of a challenge than regular blocks. 

Use in small world play, for colour recognition games, as a calm down activity, in pretend play as rocks, money, gemstones, hidden treasures, dragon eggs, the only limit is your child’s imagination! As with all of our products, we aim to connect children to nature through play, by basing our designs on the natural world and using materials found in nature.

The gems vary in sizes as they are each hand cut, so no two gems are the same. These are 100% non-toxic, made from sustainably sourced Paulownia wood, and sanded soft on all edges.

Suitable for preschoolers to adults, gems are a toy that will grow with your child, last the test of time and look beautiful on display, stacked, or in a bowl or basket.  The gems vary in size and are coloured with dye and sealant that is food grade, 100% non-toxic.

As this a completely handmade item, measurements can vary slightly. And as it is made from timber, there is always natural variation in the colour and grain, which can include knots which are not viewed as a defect but a natural occurrence in the timber. 

These are handmade in Byron Bay, from locally and ethically sourced, raw natural materials. As such, each is unique and vary slightly in size, colour and position of engraving. This isn’t seen as a defect, but a testament to the beauty and variety found in nature.

Measures approx : 50mm x 50mm x 50mm

Warning: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years or for children who chew or mouth toys. As with all of our products, adult supervision required.