The Tuhana Family Bunnies



Let the magic of Easter continue with play. 

The sweetest way to celebrate easter without all the chocolate. Forever heirloom pieces that can be brought out year in and year out and even handed down generations for family traditions. 

The Tuhana family is  all about the community. This beautiful set of bunnies consists of Baby Aria and Anahera together with their parents Rangi and Aroha. 

These beautiful bunny is handmade in New Zealand using predominately maple and ash woods which are hard sustainable sourced woods, making them sturdy, beautiful and most importantly working with nature in all their is to offer and not against and are painted using plant and mineral based VOC free paint. 


Rangi and Aroha measures 11 x 9 cm

Anaheara measures 11 x 4 cm

Baby Aria measures 9 x 9 cm

Note: Listing is for the set of family of 4 bunnies. Long grass set sold separately. 

(No Discounts Apply)