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Our Mission

🌎 Earth Day : Importance In Protecting Our Planet

Earth Day is a celebrated annually on the 22nd April all over the world. It is a day dedicated to appreciating our natural environment and the wonderful world we have the privilege to call our home. Each year, a new focus is assigned to Earth Day as a way of generating awareness and holding ourselves accountable for our actions and how they can effect our planet. This year's focus is "investing in our planet".

WHO should be investing in our planet?

WHY should we be investing in our planet?

WHEN should we be investing in our planet?

Taking the time to invest in our planet is not only pivotal to our own health and wellbeing, but for future generations and longevity of our beautiful home.

1. " Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Understanding the importance of educating ourselves, each other and our children on Earth matters is especially important for any growth and change - whether that be within ourselves or the world we live in.

Spending time to teach children about the world they are growing up in, in matters such as recycling, water wastage and pollution (just to name a few) is a great way to build awareness and introduce healthy and sustainable habits from a young age.


2. Ditch The Plastics 

Plastic is the predominate make up of all our landfill. With so many products made from and packaged in plastic, our planet is overwhelmed with the amount of plastic we all collectively produce.

To reduce the impact of plastic and rubbish in landfill, switch to reusable products (eg. masks, coffee cups & straws) and invest in more environmentally friendly and long-lasting products such as wooden toys for your children. Not only are they durable, but they last for decades and can be passed down to the next generation.

3. Grow your own veggie garden

Plants are really important for the planet and for all living things.Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen from their leaves, which humans and other animals need to breathe. Living things need plants to live - they eat them and live in them.

Why not consider investing some time into growing your own veggie garden? Understanding how to grow what feeds you provides a deeper understanding of importance knowing where our food source comes from and how we can also reduce wastage.

Being able to grow food without pesticides and eat it straight from the garden is superior in every way to produce that is pumped full of additives, packed to prevent it deteriorating, transported and then sold as ‘fresh’. There’s also the understanding that we’re contributing to the sustainability of our planet and reconnecting with the skills that helped past generations cope with climatic or economic disasters.

The wonderful thing about growing your own veggies is it can be as extensive or as minimal as you wish, and children love to get involved! Furthermore, having a garden protects those pollinators who is also a key provider to ensuring nutrition in the crops that we feed our bodies. 

So many people told us gardening was their therapy. I’m inclined to agree as it ticks so many boxes for our mental health – fresh air and exercise, away from the daily stresses of work, expressing our creativity, a sense of accomplishment... the list is endless.

The Curated Parcel Felt Vegetables

The Curated Parcel Butterfly House

4. Observing the world around you

We can often get distracted with the day-to-day tasks of life that we forget to stop and smell the roses. Spending time outside in the sunshine and breathing in some fresh air does one the world of wonders!

The sensory overload of modern life can leave us empty, or even thirsty for more stimulation.How do we find a more balanced way of experiencing and understanding the human senses? With a deepened understanding of the healthy development of our senses, our inner life and experience of the world around us will be enriched. This is particularly of significance in a world where many young children today are growing up with sensory deprivation.

Often we forget that we have more than 5 senses, and it's a great reminder to train ourselves to use all those wonderful gifts that we have. Look around you and focus, you'll be amazed on the things you might see that you've not noticed before.

Hear the sounds of nature around you or the voice of words that your child when he or she is talking to you and listen to what those really are. Touch the sand, or the hands of your child and feel the texture and warmth. Senses are like the antenna, and we are the receiver so ultimately we choose how we connect. 


The Curated Parcel Felt Flowers

The Curated Parcel Books

5. We're all in this TOGETHER!

We all co-exist together on this Earth and every action, no matter how small it may be has a huge impact. Change starts within yourself, within your surroundings. It may feel fruitless and insignificant to implement these changes in your day-to-day life in the hopes of instigating a bigger change in the world around us, but every little bit helps.

Those big ideas of wanting to change the world, be more sustainable and eco-conscious all have to start with what impacts us directly, and that is within our own home. That change will immediately reward us, and  then as a community, and more importantly, as a planet, we can accomplish a great deal more than we can fathom.


The Curated Parcel Earth Puzzle


" I don't want to change the world, just those around me - my community. "

Earth is a very forgiving and magical place, if we all just do our part. That's my motto! ♥️