About Us

Let's start from the beginning, I am Joanne, a busy working wife and mumma to three incredibly amazing children and of course the owner/operator of The Curated Parcel. A business I developed with intention to bring the ease to gift giving to the busy hustle and bustle that is life for most of us. I, like many of you I am sure, quite often or not found myself getting caught out looking for that perfect gift for a loved one, cherished friend etc always leaving it to the last minute which goes against the giving person that I am. I absolutely love the art of giving, the happiness it brings to people, the smiles you see on that persons face when they know you’ve thought of them but I do think many of us don’t put as much time and effort into gift giving as know our special person deserves. I often found myself wondering, why do we always leave it for the occasion, like a birthday or a specific occasion  and why is something so important to us left to the last minute to let someone know that we care, that we are thinking of them and that they are important to us. 
I wanted to take my love of giving/gifting to the next level so with a lot of love I developed The Curated Parcel, a subscription based curated gift box that would not only deliver beautiful, carefully picked gifts for the intended persons special occasion, but an ongoing, routine doorstep gifting service that constantly reminds those we care about most just how important they are and how important their happiness is to us. The Curated Parcel ensures there is unmeasurable joy and magical excitement routinely delivered. Imagine the unwavering anticipation of unexpectedly receiving constant reminders out of the blue just because. This service not only creates everlasting memories and happiness for the recipient but also for those choosing to give. I whole heartedly believe that giving is the most wonderfully selfless act we can commit that brings such joy to all involved.
Being a hard working small business owner I pride myself on allowing my passion to help other local small businesses thrive alongside my own business, that is why The Curated Parcel sources local Australian made and/or Australian brands especially those from small businesses wherever possible. Every box is Curated with the utmost love and care.
If you are like me who love to give, then The Curated Parcel is the perfect gift giving solution for you, don’t get caught out last minute purchasing half hearted gifts with minimal thought because you feel you have to. There is so much more joy in personal, thought out gifts and I have taken all the work out of it for you. You and your intended recipients simply get to feel all those glorious gift giving feelings. No gifting request is too big or to small for The Curated Parcel, we cannot wait to work alongside you to create the most wonderful gifting parcels as your personal gifting concierge.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Joanne & team