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Incorporating Felt In Play by Tonille Barnhill @the_gorman_lane

Our love for felt is pretty huge around here, I have collected a few pieces over the years. We are lucky to have a little store not far from home that has a beautiful variety, I was also lucky enough to score a huge felt toadstool from one of our op-shops last year. *happy dance*

I think wooden and felt toys really compliment each other, we use the both in play quite frequently. The felt playscapes we own help bring a textural element to the kids small world play, they set the scene and the kids build around that using their wooden and other felt pieces. Felt also adds in a sensory element, it is durable, soft but firm and certainly great for little hands to explore all the different textures.

If you have a child going through the trajectory schema (a child who loves watching movement,  throwing or rolling objects) felt is definitely one to add to your play space. My youngest certainly loves to throw at the moment, so we make a game out of it by using our felt balls, rolling them back and forth and throwing them into baskets, showing him a safe way of playing and exploring this
schema he is currently in.

Flynn who is 17 months old really enjoys our felt toys, it is lovely watching him engage in play. Our animals are particularly popular, everything under supervision at the moment because this boy of mine still loves to pop everything in to his mouth. Needle felted toys are pretty hardy and can withstand a bit of rough play, so perfect for our little tornado.

I have our felt trees always on display on our shelves and they are reached for quite regularly, we have the papoose trees and some trees by Tara treasures and they are just so gorgeous and whimsy and so beautifully made, The rest I store in baskets, always in reach.


I like to sit our felt animals on the shelf or set up little play scenes.The playscapes are such an easy one to use to set up a quick invitation to play, also great to take
from home, either on playdates or on holidays, I put one out on the floor and it doesn't take long for play to happen.

We like to incorporate our felt into story telling, we make puppet shows or include them in our bedtime stories.


Milly loves all things Fairies, unicorns, dragons, any mythical, magical creature so she has a little collection of her own. We have used felt in play for quite a while now, Milly and Thomas like to use them for role play and in her dollhouse with their Maileg.

I always love to add in a felt gift for birthdays and Christmas, There are some really beautiful pieces around now, we are spoilt for choice really.

Some favourites of ours include Tara treasures varieties not just for play but for decor too, I will definitely be adding in some more lovely pieces from here. The wish list is long! 


Papoose is another favourite, I am in love with their season trees with the natural branch trunk, they are really amazing!

I couldn’t imagine our playroom without felt, it’s definitely one to add if you haven’t already.