Reasons to love Ocamora by Dannii Burnett @lovedbydannii

Posted on September 30 2020

Ocamora Is the latest brand to grace our play space at home. A brand created in Spain that focuses on open ended play, imagination and sustainability. A beautiful range of building blocks and stacking toys to inspire creativity.

Handcrafted, Ocamora are specially created naturally with each piece having its own knots and markings being derived from the wood from sustainable forests. Each toy being unique and with no two pieces ever being the same, each a work of art in itself with its natural markings.

Perfect for little hands their grippy texture allows for easier stacking and even more trickier configurations. Our Triangle prism set is the perfect addition to our block sets to practice stacking, balance, patterns and using the blocks with other loose parts for small world cities, marble runs and puzzle creations. All in a handy tray for storage.

Ocamora toys come in a range of colours with all being made from eco friendly paints and 100% free from any nasty chemicals meaning they are a great toy to introduce to even the younger children for play. Just place a few blocks down to see how your little one reacts and plays.

My top 3 purchases within the range would be a construction set, 9 piece rainbow and/or prism set. All compliment each other with endless open play ideas from building and stacking to tunnels and race tracks. A sensory experience to feel each shape's texture, smell and identify colours and being perfect to all ages of children, Winnie being 2 and Ollie being 3.5 years of age using the blocks in a variety of ways based on their own learning.

See below a range of ways we play and learn with our Ocamora.Β