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Oogi Baby Pink


What is Oogi Junior?

Oogi Junior is a cute, tactile sensory toy for children three years and older. It looks like a little spaghetti person with sucker cups on its head, feet and hands, immediately drawing a child’s interest as it has ‘human’ features.

Oogi helps People with SPD

This toy is ideal since many adults and children suffer from sensory processing disorders where the brain appears to misinterpret ordinary sensory information such as sound, touch and movement. Often people with this condition feel overwhelmed by sensory input and may be drawn to specific sounds or textures or even try to avoid these sounds and textures entirely.

How Oogi Junior helps kids

Children often don’t know how to interpret certain senses and could become frustrated and confused by them. Thus Oogi Junior helps kids associate with these new or confusing senses by:

  • reducing anxiety
  • developing fine motor skills
  • encouraging concentration
  • and improving language skills
Suitable for children aged 3 years+
  • Made from high-quality, food-grade silicone rubber, latex and phthalate free
  • Oogi measures 13cm high
  • Safe, durable and easy to clean
  • Spiel gut toy award winner
  • Designed by Moluk in Switzerland and Made in China
  • Gift wrapping is available for this item

What fun stuff can Oogi do?

Furthermore, Oogi sensory toys are stretchy with long arms and can connect or stick to flat, smooth surfaces with their sucker cup hands and feet. Kids can easily make an ‘Oogi chain’ with these collectable sensory toys by sticking their hands and feet together.

Oogi is a safe toy

Because of its durability, Oogi Junior can be played with in the bath or thrown against mirrors, where it will stick with a splat and can be pulled off easily.

Since Oogi are sociable toys, they are made of safe and durable high-quality silicone rubber and are also BPA, phthalate and latex-free.

Oogi Junior comes in red and blue, and while the Oogi for kids is 8cm high, its ‘big’ sibling comes in a 13-centimetre size, making the interactive Oogi a great tactile toy for kids and even for adults.

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