Pocket Tiny Bug Puzzles



Hand painted pocket jigsaw puzzles with watercolor paintings from an original collection. Tiny Puzzles are perfect for nature loving kids who like art and love puzzles! We also have the Tiny Flower Puzzles range available. 

These are really unique pocket sized toys - perfect for toddlers who are learning how to do puzzles, but not at all exclusive to any young age. Elementary aged kids will surely enjoy interacting with the colorful and realistic flower artwork. There are many wonderful things that puzzles do for children: they encourage problem solving, cognitive development and fine motor skills development, and hand and eye coordination. Tiny Flower Puzzles also spur on creative play, out-of-the-box thinking, and a love for wildlife and art. They aren't easy, for sure! So they require some patience and end up being a very intrinsically rewarding activity.

They measure approximately about 10-12cm completed, and each puzzle has around 8-10 pieces which will arrive fitting inside a cute, tiny canvas drawstring bag. The bag will have a tag that shows a small print of the completed puzzle to use as a reference.

Recommended age 3+