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The Original Revolving Bookcase

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Revolving Bookcase

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IYO's Mind Club is our digital product offering that gives you access to a world of information and course content.

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Imagine professional and personal development, growth and mindset on DEMAND.
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This is a new platform that I am very proud to introduce to this community for mums, educators, grandparents, small biz owner (anyone really 👏🏼) who are looking to up-skill, attend a wellness class, learn a new language and many more!

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Stripey Things

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What to do when there is many to see, hear, smell or feel?

Stripey Things tells the story of a neurodivergent child going through sensory overload while on her way to school. Throughout the story, young neurodivergent readers have the opportunity to learn a breathing technique that can be used in a number of situations.

"Stripey Things was a simple book, printed at home, that I would read for my daughter before going to places - specially school, as she would feel overwhelmed by the cross walks (the stripey things, as she calls It). This book teaches children the breathing technique that helped my daughter manage the feeling of being overwhelmed. My hope is that children, neurotypical or neurodivergent, can feel understood and supported through this simple, yet, helpful book when going through sensory overload."

Naya (Author of Stripey Things)

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