Loving Our Connetix Tiles By Dannii Burnett @lovedbydannii

Posted on September 01 2020

Entertaining the kids has reached a whole new level with the introduction of our New Connetix Tile Sets. Friends and family always complimenting them and even a few of the big kids and adults getting involved. Endless play ideas all while encouraging learning and open ended play meaning endless possibilities.

We originally started off with a small Kmart set to gauge the interest from both kids and immediately they were amazed by the tiles. We made the investment upon initial play to upgrade to the Connetix set as you could tell the difference in quality and why the Kmart set were considerably cheaper in price. One of the main reasons we moved to Connetix Tiles was that the magnets in the Kmart style were incredibly weak meaning smaller constructions and less opportunity for play because each time the shape, tower or construction was built it would just fall to pieces when moved or getting too large in size. Connetix have stronger magnets and are larger in size with the Kmart style approximately half size in comparison.

Even when comparing the tiles side by side you can see that the Connetix are fully enclosed shapes and are more transparent in colour. Safe, they have fully enclosed sealed magnets, with bevelled edges which are then riveted closed meaning that there is even less chance for the magnets to loosen or become damaged unlike the Kmart style which do have gaps and no rivets offering extra protection. Available in more shapes the Connetix set comes with large/ small triangles, squares, window shapes, smaller rectangles and larger squares providing even greater ideas. Or consider getting a carpack which comes complete with 2 cars that have rubber wheels.

Being open ended there is so many endless play opportunities providing great motor skills, creative play, math, science and encouraging imagination. We use our sets for ball runs, constructions, tracing and learning shapes, aligning to windows and reflecting colours with our torches. Always in easy access in our playspace they provide endless daily fun for both Winslow (20 months) and Oliver (3) And they would make a great addition to any other child's toy collection.