Shop Small This Christmas #supportsmall by Dannii Burnett @lovedbydannii

Posted on November 25 2020

Christmas is a time to be full of kindness and compassion and appreciative of the time you can spend with loved ones.

This Christmas I have been focused on supporting small businesses and purchasing gifts for the kids from the heart. Less is more with timeless treasures to appreciate, learn and grow with.

Some of the many reasons as to why I support small is because of the friendships I have created along the way. Supporting small and receiving that personalised touch with a handwritten note of appreciation, the message to check in on how things are or the sweet little treat that is often hidden inside.

Since joining Instagram and becoming a brand rep almost 4 years ago I appreciate the many hours of time that each brand gives to their business and each individual purchase alongside being there for their own family. The time spent to post, respond to comments and messages and to have that tingle of excitement with each order that pops through their website. The sense of achievement to support other women like myself trying to kick goals with their side hustle and give support to their family.

The individual touch of sustainable and recycled packaging is another reason why I have supported small this Christmas. Less waste, mindful selection and recycled packaging to use for my own DIY projects with the kids. Kinder to our own environment and focusing on the less is more aspect.

Sparking my own creativity it's always made easier seeing so many other amazing DIY projects, crafts and handpicked selections to inspire gifting and handmade pieces for the home. Following along their invitations to play, playroom set ups and craft inspirations.

Be mindful, inspiring and supportive to small business this Christmas especially with a year that has been filled with such uncertainty. Focusing on the things that really matter and the little touches that make us smile.

Dannii x