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SHOP SMALL with My Top 10 Gift Ideas by Jeannie Chow @hijkgonnaplay

Halo December! Seriously where has time gone? This year has just passed so quickly and it’s the Christmas month already! 

How has everyone done with Christmas shopping?

This Christmas we are shopping small to support our local small business in Australia. With the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown this year, we are all having a tough time. We recognise the importance to help businesses to accelerate their recovery and support the families behind by shopping small. 

When you shop from a small business, an actual person is doing a little happy dance. 

When I think of gift ideas for my two little boys Krystian & Izak, I would definitely pick quality over quantity, and something that they would need, and love to use or play with it from time to time. It is a waste to get a large quantity of toys and things which they don't treasure with love. Following the Something you NEED, WEAR, READ and WANT is just perfect, making sure we won’t over purchase something that is unnecessary.  


If you are stuck with gift ideas or still having to finalise your shopping, below are some of the ideas I would love to share.

Top 1: Connetix Tiles
Our top 1 gift would definitely be the Connetix Tiles this year. It is almost like a must-have for each family. It is perfect for open ended play! It helps our little ones to explore different shapes, colours and magnet; and encourages imaginative and creative play. There are many varieties and ways to build and play with. It's great for collaboration among parents and kids too! 


Top 2: Connetix Ball Run

If you have already owned the Connetix Tiles, the long awaited Ball Run will be another level! Absolutely on our list this year! They come with clear fluted tubes with different colours and you can literally see the balls running through from top till the bottom, allowing your kids to explore movements - gives them hours of fun, even babies would love to see the balls running! 

Top 3: Kinderfeets Tiny Tot Plus 2-in-1 Trike 

This is always on my wishlist! It comes in a trike and when your kid is older and gets ready, it can easily convert into a 2 wheels balance bike. It’s suitable from 18 months to 4 years old, save the money from buying two bikes. Absolutely worth a buy! How cute it would be to see my little Izak riding in it!

Top 4: Baby Noise Ukulele

Krystian is a music lover! He loves to make sound and noise. He loves to sing. He loves music! He is always pretending to play guitar like daddy. This ukulele would be such a great gift for any little ones who love music and are interested in instruments.  It can also be displayed as a beautiful wooden decor when it’s not in use - bonus! 

Top 5: Happy Architect Natural

With this set of Happy Architect, it allows kids to build a castle, a house, a room, a farm, a carpark or anything you can think of. It’s excellent for open ended play and creative play while enhancing fine motor skills when clipping and building the pieces together.

Top 6: Ways to Play 

This is definitely a YES if your little one is a car lover. It’s a flexible toy road that could play on ground, sand, water, snow and even a window! It’s easy to clean. My boy would always love to go back to it. 

Top 7: Kinderboard Natural

Who wouldn’t love to own a Kinderboard? It’s such a multi-use toy that helps to develop balancing skills. You can sit or lie on it. Use it as a footstool. Rock it. Slide on it. Balance on it. Push it. Read on it. Use it as a tunnel etc, add on with many different possibilities.  It’s great for both outdoor and indoor use, suitable from toddlers to adults. 

Top 8: Let Them Play Toys Christmas Gift Set 

This beautiful gift set is a collection of tools and story scene that are all handmade and crafted from nature. It comes with a wooden rolling pin and Christmas theme stamps. It adds some extra festive and happiness to Christmas!


Top 9: Kitpas Medium Stick Crayons 16 Colours

These colours are absolutely stunning! They are not simply crayons, but allow your little ones to draw on any non porous surfaces (e.g. paper, glass and whiteboards). If you add water, it can turn into water paint. And when you are done, it can easily wipe off with a soft damp cloth. It comes in a 4-colours,12-colours set or 16-colours set. We have got the 12 colours set one, but I regret not getting the 16 one. Well, more colours, more fun, and more creativity!

Top 10: Ocamora Construction Set

Blocks can be played in many ways. You can stack and build with no rules, no instructions - and this is what open-ended play all about! They help little ones to develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and enhance creativity skills. This set of blocks are created in Spain with very good quality and 100% free from chemicals, loving the colours and shapes!

Shop small! Shop smart! Shop for quality this Christmas! 

Jeannie x

mama of Krystian & Izak